Who is
Greater Niagara Federal Credit Union?

Founded in 1954, Greater Niagara Federal Credit Union (GNFCU) services the personal financial needs of individuals who live, work, worship, attend school or conduct business in Niagara County. We offer the same type of products and services as a bank.

However, the difference between a bank and GNFCU is significant, but rather simple.

A bank is owned by stockholders. Therefore a bank must generate profit to pay stockholders.

As a credit union we are owned by our members. When members deposit money into their credit union savings and investments accounts, that money can then be used to meet the borrowing needs of other members. So basically our members work together to support the needs of all members, applying our basic philosophy of People Helping People. Because GNFCU does not need to generate income to pay stockholders, the excess money earned is returned to members in the form of:

One other factor you will come to appreciate is the high level of personal and professional service delivered by our staff which focuses totally on our Mission Statement of: "To provide personalized quality financial services that meet the lifetime needs of you and your family."

Market We Serve

Anyone who lives, works, worships, attends school or conducts business in Niagara County may take advantage of the money saving products and services we offer. And, one you become part of Greater Niagara Federal Credit Union, you, and your family members, will continue to have full access to all we offer, regardless of whether you move, change jobs, or retire.

If you have any questions, please give us a call at 716-297-5944 or 716-695-1829 or send an email to gnfcu@greaterniagarafcu.com.

To become a member, no cost to do so, stop in our office at 2901 Military Road or 160 Ward Road or apply online.

Unlike a Bank, who compensates their Board of Directors, credit unions, including ours, serve on an uncompensated, volunteer basis. As such, their only incentive is to position the credit union to meet the needs of members, no other, and oversee the financial stability of operations to protect the money of members. We are proud of those who lead Greater Niagara Federal Credit Union. Our current Board members are:

We also have a Supervisory Committee, comprised of five volunteers who each serve a three year term and serve as an oversight committee responsible for:

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