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Savings Accounts

Long Term or Short Term, Young or old, we have a savings account to fit your needs.

We offer a large selection of savings products to turn dreams into realities and protect against surprises along the way.

Savings Account

When you join Greater Niagara FCU, your first account will be a Savings Account (“Share Savings” Account), which requires a minimum balance of just $5.00. This account establishes your membership and allows you to earn competitive dividends on a monthly basis while giving you easy access to your funds. With our VISA ATM card you can access the money in your savings account worldwide.

Christmas Club Savings Accounts

Plan ahead for holiday gift shopping with a Greater Niagara FCU Holiday Club Savings Account. Deposited funds are held in the Christmas Club Savings Account until November 1st, upon which time they will be transferred to your share account.

Withdrawals are not permitted prior to November 1st

Smart Start Kids Club

For Members age birth to 12


  •   Share Savings Account
  •   GNFCU gives you the first $5.00
  •   We reward great students!
    • $2.00 Earned for each A (or highest grade possible)*
    • $1.00 Earned for each B (or second highest grade possible)*
  •   Low minimum Share Certificate (Only $50.00)

I LOVE Savings Club

For Members age 13 – 17

  •   Share Savings Account
  •   Checking Account
  •   VISA Debit Card
  •   Low minimum Share Certificate (Only $50.00)
  •   Qualify for College Scholarship
  •   Qualify for Prize for year end grade of A or B

The Financial Starter Club

For Members age 18 – 24

  •   Checking account with VISA Debit Card
  •   Lucky Savers – Save to Win account
  •   Student Loans
  •   Vehicle & Personal Loans
  •   VISA Credit Card

Share Certificate

If “safe” is your comfort level, Greater Niagara Federal Credit Union Certificates are the right investment for you. 

Greater Niagara Federal Credit Union Certificates are secure, low-risk investments that offer higher dividends than regular savings accounts without having to meet high minimum balance requirements. Our Greater Niagara Federal Credit Union Certificates are available in terms of 6 months to 3 years.

  •   $500.00 minimum deposit requirement
  •   Competitive rates
  •   Dividends paid to you quarterly
  •   Terms of 6 months, 1 year, 2 years or 3 years